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Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic PressHydraulic Press is a machine in which a large force is exerted on the larger of two pistons in a pair of hydraulically coupled cylinders by means of a relatively small force applied to the smaller piston. They display superior performance through innovative ideas. The hydraulic presses range from 5 Tons to 5000 Tons capacity.

Operation Modes
The hydraulic presses have specific operation modes :
¤ Fully Automatic 'PLC'-Controlled
¤ Contractors/ Relay based

Frame Structures
The frame structures of these presses are:
¤ 'H' TYPE OR fabricated 4-column type
¤ 'C' type
¤ 4-pillars (Hard chrome pillars type)

The hydraulic presses have exclusive applications in the following spheres:
  1. Deep drawing operations
  2. Blanking and Punching
  3. Riveting, Stamping and Pressing
  4. Powder Compacting
  5. Other applications like: FRP, SMC, DMC, Rubber Plastics etc.
Salient Features of hydraulic presses:
1. These presses provide fast approach slow pressing & fast return speeds. The change in speed can be manually preset to take place at any point of the stroke with the help of limit switches / proximity switches.

2. The frame is fabricated by ultrasonically tested quality profiles & plates of suitable thickness to with stand the load & longer life of the press. The frames are stress-relieved.

3. Maximum frame rigidity is achieved through computer aided frame design & finite element analysis.

4. Extra long, precision machined & hardened guides to face slides offer exceptional accuracy & alignment which further reduced to wear.

5. In blanking or punching hydraulic presses a damping system can be fitted. This effectively reduces breakthrough noise & tool wear normally generated by such operations.

6. The low noise hydraulic power pack unit is designed as per international practices & assembled with internationally reputed make components. The presses are designed as per ISI guidelines, hence standard seals, bushes are used.

7. "Programmable logical controls" (PLC) is provided in our presses of international standard make i.e. ABB/Allen-Bradley/Siemens/Telemacqnice / keyance, offering maximum production flexibility & Full compatibility with international standards.

8. Precise machining of the structural members is done after normalising to get the required accuracies like parallelism between platen & bed & right angularity between bed and the moving platen.

9. Lubrication: Ram slides / guides/ guide bushes are lubricated from a centralised lubrication arrangement.

10. Moving platen: It is a fabricated, heavy duty, tested welded plate construction for highest stiffness under heavy loads. The whole platen is stress-relieved after welding. 'T' slots provided in the platen are as per DIN standards. Hydraulic or mechanical ejector pins to operate from inside the ram is also provided as optional on request or depending on the application.

11. Die transfer rails or bolster sliding arrangement is also provided as optional in front side of the press for heavy tools applications.

C frame type presses:
1. These presses offers maximum access to tool area for tool changing & component feeding aplications.

2. Range : 5 Tons to 300 Tons capacity.

3. Slides guidance can be either twin pillars type or face slides.

4. Hydraulic power pack is inbuilt & all valves are manifold mounted for easy & quick maintenance & a pressure relief valve protects against overloading of the press.

5. Additional equipments:
  a. Ejectors in either the slide or under the press bed.
  b. Die cushioning arrangement for deep drawing.

Hard chrome pillars type presses:

  1. The guidance of this press offers excellent slide accuracy of the moving ram. Platen, resulting in reduced tool wear & an increased tool life.

  2. Slide move on larger size phosphorous bronze / ultra bronze bearing mounted at each corner with suitable lubrication arrangement a proper sealing arrangement at both side of each bush is also provided.