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Hydraulic Ram Pump

Hydraulic RamA hydraulic ram pump is a water pumps in which the downward flow of naturally running water is intermittently halted by a valve so that the flow is forced upward through an open pipe into a reservoir. It is a motorless device designed to take water from a high-flow, low-head source and divert some of that flow to a high head. The water flows downhill from the pond and drives a water wheel. The water wheel is connected to a reciprocating pump. The pump then, moves the water uphill. It is ideal where small quantities of water are required and power supplies are limited.

The Design
While designing a hydraulic ram pumps the following considerations are required:
  • The available water source
  • The length and fall of the drive pipe used for channeling water from the source to the pump
  • The size of hydraulic ram pump
  • The elevation lift from the pump to the desired destination
  • The desired pumping flow rate through the delivery pipe to the destination
  • The difference in height between the water source and the pump site (called vertical fall).
  • The quantity of flow available from the source.
  • The length of pipe from the source to the pump site (called the drive pipe).
Components of a Hydraulic Ram Pump
The installation of a hydraulic ram pump consists of various components and each of these components are quite significant.

Supply Line- The supply needs to be free from trash and sand as these can plug up the ram. If the water is not naturally free of these materials, the intake should be screened using a settling basin.

Drive pipe- The drive pipe should be of a non-flexible material for maximum efficiency. To reduce the head loss as a result of friction, the length of the pipe divided by the diameter of the pipe should be within the range of 150-1,000. The drive pipe diameter is usually chosen based on the size of the ram.

Ram- Rams are constructed by fabricating check valves and are also available as manufactured units in various sizes and pumping capacities. Rams can be used in tandem to pump water if one ram is not large enough to supply the need. The ram should be level and securely attached to an immovable base, preferably concrete with the waste-water being drained away.

Delivery Pipe- The delivery pipe used may be of any material withstanding water pressure.

Storage Tank- Located at a level to provide water to the point of use, the storage tank's size is based on the maximum demand per day.

The hydraulic pumps are inexpensive with simple construction and easy installation. It does not require petrol, diesel or electricity for its working. It is totally pollution free with minimum maintenance.

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Hydraulic Ram Pump